About Us





Is an independent architecture and investment consultant firm providing tailored investments products for both private and institutional investors based in France and Dubai.


The company combines architecture and engineering to get best out of a project working with the sister company specialized in prestressing. 


Carl Asamade  l  Architect & Interior Designer

Graduated in the Architecture school of Versailles, France
Contact: Carl.asamade@vesperandcountaj.com 
Sandra Asamade  l  Architect & Interior Designer
Graduated in Ecole Spéciale d'architecture of Paris, France 
Contact : Sandra.asamade@vesperandcountaj.com









The Opportunity

By mixing architecture services and investment consultancy, our team is uniquely able to: 

-Source and negotiate attractive investments

-Establish the financial scheme

-Provide full architectural services

-Manage or resale projects


-Guide when and how exit investments


An international team of architects, interior designers and engineers combining their experiences to fulfil any project on architectural and technical requirements into different offices located in Dubai and in Paris, able to respond to any enquiry all around the world.



- Shortlisted 7/1789, Jacques Rougerie Fondation | Architecture for the Sea, January 2018

- Finalist AWA Competition | Oporto

 June 2015


- Article Nice Matin | July 2016

- Article "La Ville Ex-Nihilo", May 2015

- Article "Ville ou illusion de la ville", 2015