Interior Design

Quartz Residence in City Walk, Dubai - UAE            

3Br - Bulgari Residence & Hotel 

Dubai, UAE 

Unique custom made pieces / High end quality of veneer and lightings 


 Fire rated fabric for furniture and curtains


1Br - Bulgari Residence & Hotel

Dubai, UAE

Luxury Residence - JVC, Dubai 

Project : Completed January 2019

Lobby design - Luxury Residence

JVC, Dubai - UAE

Quartz Dubai

Quartz takes pleasure in all the small details that make all the difference.

Inspired by modern art deco and abstract design, every furniture that is displayed at Quartz Residence is handcrafted by internationally renowned artists. From the woodwork to the aesthetic carpets, each art piece represents elegance and contemporary splendor.


Modernizing and improving 170 Hippopotamus' restaurants in France and in Europe. 

The Furniture (tables, chairs, benches...) were designed by following hospitality requirements, high Martindale fabrics and high quality materials, directly produced in our partners factories.

Furniture Dubai

Vesper & Countaj has been designing a full furniture package especially for The Quartz Residence, located in Dubai. Directly produced in Dubai, in our partner factory, high quality of wood, fabrics and steel, durable and aesthetically thought to respond to clients' needs and comfort. 


Fitzgerald Paris

Restaurant and cocktail Bar located in a glamourous Parisian district: a secret cocktail Bar offering privacy and luxury. Inspired by the Roaring twenties, the entire design invites you to travel back in time for a while.

Villa G. Versailles

Private Villa located in Versailles, France.

Refurbishing and enhancing an existing retro-classic architecture. 


V&C Package

Providing design furniture based on the hospitality technical requierements guaranty of long lasting. The team carefully selects all the materials with the highest martindale and fire rating standards. Designed for individuals wishing to enhance their interiors or investors willing to improve their furnished rentals.



Vosse Belgium

Apartment located in Belgium, surrounded by vegetation. Mixing modernity and classic touches and including nature as part of the apartment. 


Pedzouille  Paris

Pedzouille, French restaurant located in the center of Paris. The design is inspired by the owner's food concept: French tradition and friendliness. The concept and the design of the restaurant made the fame of the recently open place.

Outdoor furniture

Vesper & Countaj provides outdoor furniture for hotels, residential and private project, creating comfortable and luxury outdoor spaces.